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Daily Cruises

Description of the excursion

Thassos Sailing has chosen to provide its customers with a wide variety of excursions, in order to satisfy all of the demands, preferences, and different tastes. Most of the excursions are situated around the verdant Thassos island, the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, but there is also an excursion option for the peninsula of Athos. There are two starting points for our excursions, the first one in Thassos Town and the second one in Limenaria.

You can choose between the following excursions:

  • Sunset with a sailing boat: an exquisite, romantic escape with a duration of 3 hours, in the sparkling Aegean Sea under the summer moonlight
  • Sailing Day: a complete sailing experience with a 7-hour duration, while exploring the hidden, untouched beaches of Thassos island
  • Around the island: a tour of the whole island of Thassos that lasts 12 hours, so that you can enjoy its unique beauty comfortably and without distractions

Our sailing boats Atlantis, Areti, and Niki have a maximum capacity of 10 persons, so don’t hesitate to share this once of lifetime experience with your loved ones, friends, or extended family. Moreover, there is the option of enjoying a light lunch or dinner onboard, which includes delicious spaghetti with seafood, a filling salad, soft drinks, and water.

Sunset with a sailing boat

3 hours max 10 persons
300€ or 35€/person

Sailing Day

7 hours max 10 persons
500€ or 75€/person

Sort Sailing Day

5 hours max 10 persons
400€ or 55€/person

Around the island

12 hours max 10 persons
650€ or 85€/person

You may enjoy lunch or dinner with seafood on board. Please ask us for more information.

More Cruises

Island Hopping

Sail around Thassos and discover all the different views of the island, the thickly wooded with pine trees north part, all the famous beach and bays of the northeast part.

Up to 8 Persons

Duration 3-4 Days.

Sails & Trails

Explore Thassos like never before with our 4-day sailing and e-biking adventure! Discover the island's stunning landscapes and hidden gems as you sail around its coast and bike through its picturesque countryside.

Up to 8 Persons

Duration 4 days.

Weekly Cruises

Charter a sailing yacht and enjoy your sailing holidays! Explore the beauty of Greek islands, sail around the Aegean area, enjoy the sun and the sea, and have a taste of life on a boat!

Up to 8 persons.

Special Events

Enjoy your Bachelor party in Thassos on a private sailing yacht! OR Wedding photo shoot on a sailing yacht!

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